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Hair Transplants: Your Permanent Hair Loss Solution

Image of a hair transplant doctor performing a hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery offers a permanent hair loss solution for men and women. Almost every part of our skin is programmed to produce hair. Some hair, like what grows on our heads, is generally thicker than the hair that grows on our arms. For people who suffer genetic pattern baldness, hair on certain parts of the scalp thins and falls out. There are a variety of solutions for hair thinning. While hair transplants offer permanent hair restoration for men and women experiencing hair loss, they may not be for everyone. Here are some commonly asked questions about hair transplants. 

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation or hair restoration surgery takes hair from areas where more hair grows (the back and sides of the head) to areas with less hair (normally the top of the head and hairline). The result is a permanent hair loss solution. 

Who performs the transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is plastic surgery. And like all forms of plastic surgery, it is an art. You want an expert surgeon who creates natural-looking results. At Eldorado, we pride ourselves on our highly-skilled surgeons, expertly-informed team, and catering results to each individual.

Who is the right candidate for a hair transplant?

Every person is unique. For all of our hair loss solutions, we take into consideration a client’s age and health, type of hair, density of hair overall, and desired outcome. From there, we customized your needs. Although hair transplantation is a great solution for many men and women, it does not work for everyone. Most importantly, a client must have enough hair on other areas of the scalp to ‘donate’ to the areas without hair.

How does it work?

Our surgeons create a natural look by taking hair follicles from areas of denser growth and transplanting them to areas where growth has stopped. We create a natural-appearing hairline by taking a single follicle (called a follicular unit) for a graft. Then, they blend in larger grafts behind the hairline.

Using magnification, these grafts are transferred (called “planting”) into bald or thinning areas. These grafts contain two and three hair follicles in a single unit. Our surgeons typically move four to six times as much hair than in a standard hair transplant approach. This, along with using follicular unit grafts, create natural, thick hair that grows.

Does a hair transplant work?

Yes! Surgeons take hair from one area of the body, called the donor site. These hair follicles operate normally. They are programmed to produce healthy hair for a lifetime. Once surgeons transplant the healthy hair follicles, they follicles continue to grow healthy hair.

Does it look natural?

Yes! Before, transplants planted more than one follicle at a time in a grid-like pattern across the scalp. This creates grid-like growth, that doesn’t look natural. Our expert team of surgeons have the aesthetics and experience to create hair growth that does look natural. Surgeons delicately transplant the follicles in a natural pattern. The result is a seamless look – no tufts or strange growth here – and a permanent solution to hair loss. 

If you’re ready to learn more about a permanent hair loss solution, contact us for a free consultation today.