Hair Club Alternatives:
Why Choose Us

what makes us different from our competitors?

At Eldorado, we are a hair club alternative comprised of medically-trained hair professionals in Maryland. We take a technical approach to hair loss solutions rather than a mass marketing approach. We address all forms of hair restoration solutions. We offer laser hair rejuvenation, a homeopathic approach to hair loss, as well as many types of hair replacement systems and hair attachment methods, such as Ultratress hair extensions. We have doctors available to address hair transplant surgery, should you be a good candidate. We address herbs, minoxidil, Propecia, as well as other marketed approaches to hair thinning solutions.

Our Experience

We have over 15 years’ experience with laser hair therapy. We have investigated clinical machines as well as home machines. We address corollary approaches to laser and have photographs to show its efficacy. We use the latest technology and have allied ourselves with the best companies in the industry. We have tried out several machines over the years to be able to make recommendations based on client usage, results and manufacturer warranty commitment.

Hair Replacement Services in Maryland

Hair replacement is where we got our start. After 50 years we have manufactured, distributed and retailed every type of hair system available. We work with all types of human hair, synthetic fiber and over 200 different base designs to tailor each system to any individuals’ needs. We have several types of adhesives for varying skin types, permanent and non-permanent attachment methods, as well as proprietary technology that we have developed. We are not a franchise or mass marketing factory looking to capitalize on the pain of losing your hair. We take an empathetic and honest approach in educating our clients as to what their options are.

We have worked with several doctors over the years. Some do the graft (or strip) method. Others use the Neograft, Artas, or FUE method. We explain to our clients what makes someone a good candidate. Unfortunately, not all people are candidates for transplants. If they have alopecia totalis, fine vellus hair or poor donor area, this is not the best approach for them. Hair transplants can be good, but only for the right candidate.

We offer a variety of herbs, lotions and wet products. Our herbs are made to FDA standards and are of the highest quality. We have lotion/serum options for individuals who are working to keep their existing hair. Our shampoos, conditioners and after care styling products are manufactured by the most established companies, making us a unique Baltimore hair restoration service.

Our Approach

We regularly attend industry classes and seminars. We visit our suppliers to discuss what we can do better. We exchange information with other studio owners across the country to develop improved application techniques, color correction, and the latest cutting methods. We offer an alternative to solutions offered by our competitors to solve hair loss and explain all the options to our clientele. In summary, we try to surpass the clients expectation level and have a history of client retention with very little turnover of staff. Our spa like atmosphere is comforting to our clients, easy for our staff to work and welcome to anyone who comes through our door. Lastly, we have clients have patronized our business for over 40 years. That type of client retention is testament to their dedication to us and vice versa. 

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