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At Eldorado Hair Replacement in Baltimore, Maryland, we cater to people throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and all of the United States, helping them to restore their hair and confidence. There are many things that contribute to thinning hair and hair loss, such as health conditions, genetics, male pattern baldness, reactions to medications or illness – these can all impact your hair growth. At Eldorado Hair Replacement, we are here to provide compassion and solutions.

We offer more than 50 years of experience in hair restoration. After listening to your needs and concerns, we will work with you to find the very best solution for your hair loss. We encourage you to schedule your free, confidential Maryland hair restoration consultation today. 

Your Eldorado hair replacement center consultant will provide information about causes of baldness and options tailored to your specific situation, age, and lifestyle. Whether you are just starting to experience baldness or are in the most advanced stages, we can help with our full spectrum of professional treatment options. There is no charge or obligation for the consultation.

We cater to your personal hair restoration needs, from the initial consultation to the final solution. Our technicians are trained in a full range of hair replacement services. Whether you’re in need of hair replacement surgery, hair extensions, laser hair rejuvenation, hair replacement or a realistic wig, Eldorado Hair is here to help you gain a healthy, thick head of hair.

Serving Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and the surrounding areas, we are your go-to source for quality hair restoration in the Baltimore area. Visit our hair replacement center today. Call us at 410-931-3399 or fill out our contact us form.

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Our hair restoration services include:

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Hair Extensions

Consider adding extensions if you are looking to replace hair without surgery. Customize the length, volume, and style of your hair without waiting for it to grow! No damage is done to your existing hair and our quality Ultraress hair extensions blend in perfectly with your natural hair. 

Man with full head of hair by Eldorado's best hair replacement systems for men

Hair Systems

Real hair on porous membranes blend perfectly with your natural hair to create a full and healthy appearance. At Eldorado Hair Replacement Center, our hair systems offer a seamless transition, and are the perfect non-surgical solution for people frustrated by encroaching baldness.

Happy man with laser hair rejuvenation by Eldorado

Laser Rejuvenation

With laser hair treatment from Eldorado, you can nourish and revitalize hair follicles to help mitigate hair loss. Coupled with minoxidil and nutraceutical herbs, we take a three-prong approach to affect hair growth! This FDA approved treatment is great for people in the early stages of baldness or for people who don’t want a surgical procedure.

Man after Eldorado's hair transplant for men

Hair Transplants

Skilled plastic surgeons transplant hair from one area of your head and place it in the thinning area. We have several surgical procedures available depending on your needs. These procedures results in a healthy, natural full head of hair that won’t go away over time. Eldorado provides the best hair transplants Baltimore has to offer.

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Eldorado Hair Replacement Center only uses the highest quality wigs available designed around your specific hair care needs. Our wigs for hair loss are light, undetectable, and made from real human hair or realistic synthetic hair. Our technicians offer wig installation services. Our wigs are machine made, handmade, and custom made cranial prosthesis to recreate the hair style you must have!

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Amazing! Marty and Penny did an amazing job, can’t say enough good things about this place!
Kaveh sari
Kaveh sari
Jennifer is a God when she does your hair , I started with HCM 4/1/1995, so I’ve been around the block you might say. Marty tips the scale to the equilibrium and sets reality straight …it’s ok, I’m good with it …
Judith Opfer
Judith Opfer
I cannot say enough about Eldorado. From beginning to end, very professional and caring. My self esteem has been restored. Thank you Marty and Penny.
Kyle Dunbar
Kyle Dunbar
I'll level with everyone out there: I was a very desperate man ready to pay and undergo any sort of treatment to find a solution for my hair loss problem. I had numerous consultations in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Baltimore. If you live in the same area and are considering undergoing some sort of hair loss treatment, this review's for you. Just days away from pulling the trigger on an expensive hair transplant operation from Bosley, I booked a consultation with Marty Greenblatt at the last minute, just to ensure I was seeking out every possible opinion and treatment option. I went in with the same expectations as I did with places like Bosley and Hairclub: a brief meeting explaining the severity of my hairloss followed by a rundown of expensive hair replacement solutions. I was in for quite a surprise. The consultation I had with Marty felt less like a sales pitch and honestly a lot more like a therapy session. I was questioned not just on the kind of results I was expecting from a hair treatment solution, but more importantly what the idealized version of the treatment was going to help me achieve and what my true life goals were. Answers to those questions weren't easy to find. Perhaps the most difficult thing of all, though, was being told that a hair transplant solution for any man with the severity of my male pattern baldness would never give me the results I desired, and that any company or doctor telling me otherwise was more interested in making money than making me happy. I was given other solutions, such as a non-surgical hair replacement solution, but after having had some weeks since my visit to think things over, it just wasn't what I wanted. What I learned, though, was how true the lyrics were to that old Rolling Stones song. To paraphrase, life doesn't always give you want you want, but if you look hard enough, you might just get what you need instead. With Marty's help and encouragement, I'm no longer letting fear run my life as I had before. Just days after meeting with him, I took the money I was saving up and put a down payment on my first home (Not in Florida! Still testing the waters down there to make sure it's somewhere I actually want to go.); something I've been terrified of doing for years. For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like I have faith in myself again, hair or no hair. If you live in the area and you're considering any sort of hair loss treatment from any doctor or company, please make sure you meet with Marty first. You'll be glad you did. I also want to thank him personally for his honesty, his time, and most of all, his guidance. It meant a lot to me. Best of luck to him, his business, and everyone else out there like me desperate for a solution.
Janet Eason
Janet Eason
I had an extremely positive experience at Eldorado Hair Replacement. Marty, the owner, is knowledgeable, professional and very empathetic. I was very uncomfortable going into this process, and he made my experience so much better. I highly recommend this business to anyone who needs advice or help!
Do u guys do it for male teens? Also, say someone just needs a little hair input into the side & front (to improve hairline) is this possible?
Jacob Maiale
Jacob Maiale
Marty was a very nice gentleman. He listens as well as he talks. I give him five stars as a person and to his business as well. Marty actually talked me out of getting a procedure done and he found some of my inner confidence. If I'm not happy in my amount of hair will make me feel better. Kind regards
aidyn per
aidyn per
Marty is an amazing guy. He'll only sell you what you need and won't try to pedal any nonsense. Extremely comfortable office and experience. If you're looking for a first step to take for treating hair-loss I would highly recommend making an appointment.
I went to see Marty last year, he is very professional and knows that everyone is different and each person, I am reaching out this week to ask further questions. But wanted to write a 5 star review because they simply are the best.
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