Hair Extensions

The solution for longer & thicker hair.

Many people are unhappy with the look and feel of their hair. However, they often do not realize that they can do something about it. That’s where Eldorado’s hair extension installation professionals come in. Ultratress Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for longer and thicker hair – available exclusively at Eldorado Hair Replacement Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

What could extra length, more volume, highlights, or lowlights do for your looks? Ultratress Human Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for people disappointed with their current hair or just looking for a change. Whatever you’re seeking, your expectations will be met and exceeded by the exciting possibilities offered by Ultratress Hair Extensions.

Ultratress is different.

Ultratress Human Hair Extensions are not tied on to your hair. Instead, a modern polymer is used at our Baltimore hair extensions studio to meld the Ultratress Hair to your existing hair. In addition to less time in a salon chair and less trauma to your existing hair, the nature of the Ultratress Hair Extension process gives it greater flexibility and versatility.

Schedule a free hair analysis with our Baltimore hair restoration professionals and let us help you achieve the hair of your dreams today! With all the benefits and ease of application, there’s simply no reason to wait another day to look the way you always knew you could. 

Woman with hair extensions baltimore

Benefits of Ultratress