What is a Hair System?

Girl using a hair dryer.

You may be wondering to yourself, what is a hair system? They have recently become vey popular, and many people don’t know what their options are. Years ago, if you wanted a solution to hair thinning or loss, you bought a toupee or wig. Your options were limited, and the systems didn’t always look good (cue bad jokes about hair pieces). Today, hair systems have transformed the industry offerings. You can choose from hair system adhesives, partial hair systems, and a range of customizable hair restoration services. Hair systems offer the best comfort with a virtually undetectable design. You’ll get natural-looking hair through a non-surgical solution. There are many different types of hair systems to choose from, so it’s important to consult a specialist. Read on for more on hair systems.

What is a Hair System?

Hair System Bases  

A hair system’s core is the base. Hair is threaded, tied, or injected through the base. Bases can be made of mesh or a polymer. When a fine mesh fabric makes up the base of the hairpiece, the hair line is undetectable. The lightweight mesh also makes the system breathable. However, the mesh is also very delicate. This means it can be damaged easily and is not great for long-term wear. You have to replace these types of hair systems more frequently.

Today, manufactures also make hair systems with a polymer base. Polymer bases are made from silicon or polyurethane. This membrane is porous, allowing it to breathe. It is also transparent, so it takes on the color of your skin and is virtually undetectable. These systems are durable and easy to attach with a medical grade adherent.

The Hair

While the type of base that a hair system is built on is important, the hair in the system is equally important. Like a bad quality wig, bad hair systems just look bad. Quality hair systems are made from human hair. Great hair systems are custom-designed to match your hair. You want the system to look as natural as possible. If your hair is curly, the hair system should be curly. If your hair is dirty blonde, your hair system should be dirty blonde. Different sources of hair also produce different results.

Virgin European hair that hasn’t been treated, dyed or bleached usually looks the most natural. Asian hair is less expensive, but has often been bleached and then dyed, leaving it looking dry and brittle. Whatever the source of the hair, you should always take good care of the final quality hair system to keep it looking good for as long as possible.

Who Should Get a Hair System?

Men and women suffering from genetic pattern baldness are great candidates for hair systems. When hair you have thinner or bald spots on the top of your head, but other hair remains, an undetectable hair system makes your whole head look great again. Professionals match the hair to your existing hair color, texture, and style. People who suffer from medical hair loss, such as chemotherapy, or genetic causes like alopecia can also use hair systems.

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