The Trendiest Hair Colors of 2019

Image of blonde, brown, and red hair on Eldorado's hair restoration service website

Coloring your hair can do serious damage to the health of your hair. But when the latest trends start hitting Instagram and Facebook, many women don’t care about what coloring does to their hair. They want to look their best. Based on top style magazines, we’ve pulled out some of the top color trends of 2019. When you come to Eldorado, we work with you to give you the hair you want. We want you to feel confident and proud of your hair. Here’s how you can get a trendy hair color trends with your hair solution.


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How to Care for Your Hair Solution

When you make the decision to do something about your thin or thinning hair, you’re making a commitment to feel and look better. By coming to Eldorado, you’ve said you want a high-quality solution. Whether you ultimately choose extensions, a wig, a hair system, or a hair transplant, you will have a solution that suits you and your needs. You’ve also made an investment in your self esteem. And when you make an investment, you want to make sure you get a return for as long as possible. Here are care tips to keep your hair solution looking fabulous.


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What is a Hair System?

Girl using a hair dryer.

You may be wondering to yourself, what is a hair system? They have recently become vey popular, and many people don’t know what their options are. Years ago, if you wanted a solution to hair thinning or loss, you bought a toupee or wig. Your options were limited, and the systems didn’t always look good (cue bad jokes about hair pieces). Today, hair systems have transformed the industry offerings. You can choose from hair system adhesives, partial hair systems, and a range of customizable hair restoration services. Hair systems offer the best comfort with a virtually undetectable design. You’ll get natural-looking hair through a non-surgical solution. There are many different types of hair systems to choose from, so it’s important to consult a specialist. Read on for more on hair systems.


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