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Handmade Hair System

What is a Handmade Hair System?

A Handmade Hair System, also known as a custom hairpiece, is a type of non-surgical hair replacement system that is designed to fit the individual’s specific needs and preferences. Unlike pre-made hair systems, which are made to fit a general size and style, handmade hair systems are individually crafted by hand to match the individual’s natural hair color, texture, and style.

Handmade hair systems are typically made of real human hair, although some high-quality synthetic options are also available. The hair is carefully selected to match the individual’s natural hair in terms of color, texture, and curl pattern. The hair is then hand-tied onto a base material, which is typically made of a thin and breathable material such as lace or monofilament. The base is designed to fit the individual’s scalp and hairline, providing a natural and comfortable fit.

The Benefits

One of the benefits of a handmade hair system is its ability to provide a natural and undetectable hairline. The hair is tied onto the base material one hair at a time, allowing for a gradual and natural-looking hairline. The system can also be customized to match the individual’s hair density, wave pattern, and texture, providing a seamless and natural look.

Handmade hair systems are also durable and long-lasting, with proper maintenance and care. They can be styled and colored just like natural hair, allowing for versatility in terms of hairstyle and color.

Overall, a handmade hair system can be a great option for those seeking a non-surgical hair replacement solution that is customized to their individual needs and preferences. It’s important to work with a hair restoration specialist to determine the best course of treatment based on your individual needs and goals.

How is a Handmade Hair System Made?

First you need to attach the hair strands to a base material or foundation of the handmade hair system. This is done with a special knotting tool to sew the hair into the base. That base material can be fine monofilament, welded net, silk monofilament, French lace, German net, or any type of net which is breathable. It could be made of nylon or polyester. The “graft” systems which look like a layer of skin, and don’t breathe like a net based system, are made primarily of polyurethane.

This polyurethane can be clear or even reinforced with a net inside. The base material is cut on a bias so that it contours to many different head shapes. Some systems are top-of head only while others are full head caps like a full wig.  Once the base is fabricated the hair or synthetic fiber must be hand tied into the base.  It can be done with single knots, double knots or even looped into the thin skin urethane systems. How the hair is tied, the durability of the base material and the quantity (density) of the hair all play a part in the lifespan of the system. Thinner systems look more natural than thicker ones but don’t last as long. Some systems have a binding around the perimeter while some don’t.

Density (quantity) of hair, knotting pattern, base material type, front design, hair color and length are play a part in how natural your hair replacement will look. Remember, a keen eye can pick out the bad ones.

You simply don’t notice the good ones!

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