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A Case of ‘Pillow Hair’


At the back of your head. Get a handheld mirror and look at the back of your head! Just because you have styled your hair system from the front doesn’t mean the back of your hair is styled properly. Many people forget to give the back of their hair some “lift,” especially in the crown area. It can make the system look flat as if you have “pillow hair” and can be a giveaway that you aren’t styling your hair system properly.

Preventing Pillow Hair

First, consider using a satin pillowcase. Satin is a smooth fabric that reduces friction and prevents tangling and matting. It’s also gentle on your hair system and helps to maintain its natural luster. Additionally, satin pillowcases can help reduce hair breakage and split ends, which can prolong the life of your hair system.

Second, consider investing in a silk hair wrap or bonnet. Silk is also a smooth fabric that reduces friction and helps prevent tangling and matting. Wrapping your hair system in a silk hair wrap or bonnet can help protect it while you sleep, preventing damage and keeping it looking great.

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