Which Adhesive is Right For Your Hair System?

A hair system often offers one of the best hair solutions for men and women suffering from hair loss. Hair systems provide a natural look that blends with your existing hair. At Eldorado, we offer high-quality Maryland hair system services that match your hair’s existing texture and color. Another important factor in making a hair system look natural is the hairpiece adhesive that attaches the system to your scalp. Previously, nobody quite had a solution for how to keep a wig on. While old “rugs” clipped in and looked bad and blew off easily, today’s hair systems are attached with medical-grade hair system adhesives that give you a natural look that’s still comfortable. There are lots of options available today so that you can choose the strongest hair system adhesive possible. Learn more about adhesives for hair systems.


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Carol Loves the Compliments On Her Hair

Like many older women, Carol started experiencing hair loss. At first, she thought that maybe it was a regular part of aging. “My hair was falling out in handfuls,” she says. She knew that some hair loss is a natural. Hair falls out and new hair grows in. But the amount of hair loss she was experiencing seemed extreme. “One day, I was running my hand through my hair, and I decided I’ll count,” she says. When she did, she was faced with the facts. “When I got way over 150, I’m definitely losing my hair.” The reality of becoming bald was very emotional. She decided she needed to do something. She wasn’t comfortable with this amount of hair loss.


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