Pay Attention to Your Hairline

Pay Attention to Your Hairline

The front hairline is crucial to making a hair system look real.  If it is too high your forehead may look disproportional to your face. If it is too low, your hairline may scream “HAIRPIECE!” Women, make sure your hair color is slightly lighter around your face – it may soften your facial features. Fortunately, your expert hair system service can help make sure your hairline looks natural.

If you wear your hair with the hair line exposed, make sure you:

#1: Secure the front edge properly.

#2: Make sure density along the hairline is appropriate.

#3: Double-check your hair color is consistent with your temples.

#4: Don’t wear a hairstyle that commands too much attention.

#5: Examine your front hairline haircut – it is less forgiving than the sides, top, or back of the head. It will show density inconsistencies, as well as a poor cut line.

The idea is to have as natural looking a hair system as possible. Ask a close friend or relative their honest opinion. You want the best results for your personal image investment!

The Next Step

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