Shampoo Does Not Grow Hair!


A man shampooing his hair. Shampoo does not grow hair! The purpose of shampoo is to cleanse the scalp. It helps release dirt and particulate from the scalp and helps prepare it for hair growth. Ph balanced shampoo helps the scalp maintain normal ph (about 7.0) for healthy hair growth.

Lotions do not grow hair! If every crème, lotion, salve, rinse or conditioner regrew hair, why are there so many bald men? Lotions can restore moisture to the hair and scalp or make the hair more manageable. If it were a secret, why does Target or Walmart sell it?

Potions are not a miracle cure! If Oprah isn’t highlighting the next new potions to regrow hair or NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is not running a national story on it, do you think the new “doo grow” will regrow your hair? There are millions of men and women losing their hair every day. Most hair loss is caused by some form of alopecia or a byproduct of medication. There is no simple solution like rubbing olive oil on Thursdays during a full moon cycle on your head!

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