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How to Deal with Tangled Hair

How to Deal with Matted & Tangled Hair

Hair systems can have problems with matting and tangling. The hair can actually bind to itself as if it was working itself into the base. It can also get an elastic feel like a rubber band that is stretched out. Processed hair needs products to make it more manageable. This applies to “live” growing human hair as well as hair in wigs, hair pieces, and hair systems. Tangled hair is not fun to deal with!

A good leave in conditioner will help untangle some of the knotting in your human hair wig, hair extensions, or even natural hair. Using a conditioner in the shower for about 2 to 3 minutes will help loosen the tangling so it can be brushed out. Using a leave-in conditioner after showering (while the hair is still damp) will also help. Don’t use force when brushing as that will cause hair breakage and fallout. Easy, smooth stokes of a brush, with patience, will alleviate the problem.

Hair styles best when wet, not dry, so it is helpful to have some water in the hair to help it move and disperse the spray-in product better. Hair does not move well when it is dry, so make sure you spray water at least 12 inches from your head. The mist will also water down the conditioner, allowing it to “move.” You can use a hairspray to hold the style at that point or even use gel or mouse. You can achieve a wet or dry look depending on what product you use and how much moisture is in your hair.

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