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Tape or Glue? Choose the Right Adhesive

Tape or Glue? Choose the Right Adhesive

Some people attach their hair systems with tape or adhesive. I am often asked what method to use. Personally I like tape. Tape is essentially “adhesive” deposited on some type of backing. I like it because it is easy to remove. There are a number of tapes available – red tape, blue tape, clear tape, hurricane tape, no messy residue tape, lace tape, brown liner tape, yellow liner tape…the list can go on and on.

So, what about glues or adhesives? There are lots of options: silicone adhesive, acrylic adhesive, latex adhesive, daily wear adhesive, clear adhesive, white adhesive, yellow colored adhesive, thick adhesive, and thin adhesive. So many options can leave you scratching your head and wondering, “What should I use?”

Find the Right Solution for You

Everyone has their own opinion on what adhesive or tape to use. Your skin type can sometimes determine what is best for you. Your choice to be bonded, the amount of hair you have, skin type, manual dexterity, and lifestyle choice will also determine whether you want to use tape or adhesive.

My best recommendation is to consult your local hair replacement professional. They will know what works for you and should be able to give you the knowledge necessary to answer your questions. It all boils down to your hair attachment method being the right fit for your personal lifestyle.

The Next Step

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