Jeff Defied Genetics and Got a Hair System

Jeff wasn’t surprised when he started losing his hair. Family members also suffered from male pattern baldness. His hair loss made him self conscious and got in the way of his life. As a young man in his twenties, he decided to do something about his thinning hair. Now, he only wishes he done something sooner.

Jeff started losing his hair when he was 16 or 17. Although hard to deal with, this isn’t uncommon for men. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 25% of men will start balding before they turn 21. Jeff also knew that his hair loss was inevitable.

Like most men suffering from hair loss, he has androgenetic alopecia, more often referred to as male pattern baldness (MPB). Men (and women) lose their primarily on the crown of the head, leaving a recognizable horseshoe pattern.

While family members told him it didn’t look that bad and that he shouldn’t be worried, Jeff felt differently. When he was performing with his band, he felt bad about his hair. He would put on a hat and ignore everyone, missing out on fun and the success of his music.

“I just had to do something about it,” he says. After a consultation with a hair loss expert, Jeff decided to get a hair system. This choice blends seamlessly with Jeff’s existing hair. Our custom hair systems match the style, color, and texture of your hair.

The clear polymer base allows your skin to breathe, while being flexible and comfortable. A hair system provides an excellent solution for men and women suffering from pattern baldness or baldness if specific areas of the scalp.

Jeff loves that he took action to find a solution for his hair loss. He feels more confident than ever. Now, when he plays with his band, he’s happy to get in front of his fans. “Now I’m willing to go into the crowd and interact with people,” he says.

At Eldorado, we help all our clients find the hair loss solution that works for them. Come in for a free consultation today and get back to the life you want to be living.