Alexis Loves Her New Hair

Alexis began losing her hair when she was just 15. She suffers from Alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss completely or in patches on the head and body. As a young woman, she was unsure of what a solution for her hair loss might be. After a professional consultation, she found her hair loss solution.

The Alopecia Alexis experienced caused her to lose her eyebrows, body hair, and hair on her head. As her hair loss became more and more visible, she was confused and worried. “Oh my goodness, what do I do next?” she remembers thinking. “Where do I go? How do I fix this?”

Alexis’s questions were similar to many people suffering from hair loss. Although most many and many women will suffer some sort of hair loss or thinning during their lifetime, the stigma of hair loss gets in the way of a solution. Many times, people don’t want to admit they are losing their hair, don’t know where to go, or are embarrassed by their hair loss.

As Alexis’s hair loss became more drastic, ignoring the problem wasn’t an option. First, she hoped that doctors could help, but there was only so much they could do, she says. She tried sprays and other hair loss remedies, but they didn’t work either. She tried scarfs and headbands to hide her hair loss, and finally hats and wigs to cover it up. But she knew these weren’t hair loss solutions.

She decided to get consultation with a hair loss professional. “They were so welcoming,” she says. At Eldorado, we take care to make sure you feel at home. We know that hair loss is sensitive, and our confidential consultations ensure you feel comfortable. Alexis says that the stress she once felt about getting professional help disappeared. “Once you go through those doors, you are in complete and utter perfect hands,” she says.

Alexis decided to get a hair system, which would blend with the hair she still had but cover up bald and thinning spots. “This is the best” option Alexis has tried. At Eldorado, our hair systems use a membrane that resembles a layer of skin, so the attachment is completely undetectable. The hair we use is also custom matched to your style and color. The result is an instant transformation to beautiful, thick hair.

Alexis loves her new hair. Now, she experiences the happiness and confidence she always dreamed of. To learn more about how Eldorado can transform your hair, contact us for a free consultation today.