Carol Loves the Compliments On Her Hair

Like many older women, Carol started experiencing hair loss. At first, she thought that maybe it was a regular part of aging. “My hair was falling out in handfuls,” she says. She knew that some hair loss is a natural. Hair falls out and new hair grows in. But the amount of hair loss she was experiencing seemed extreme. “One day, I was running my hand through my hair, and I decided I’ll count,” she says. When she did, she was faced with the facts. “When I got way over 150, I’m definitely losing my hair.” The reality of becoming bald was very emotional. She decided she needed to do something. She wasn’t comfortable with this amount of hair loss.

Carol decided she needed a professional consultation. Experts agree that one of the best ways of slowing hair loss is getting a professional opinion before it’s too late. Men and women who wait to see a hair loss specialist experience on-going loss. By the time they finally get an appointment and seek help, certain options may not longer be a possibility. Our experts at Eldorado look at the current state of your hair loss, what your goals are, and what solutions fit your expectations. Every client is an individual, and each solution is individualized.

The solution for Carol was laser hair treatment and hair loss control products. Laser hair rejuvenation is an FDA-approved method of getting thicker, healthier hair. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) emits a laser light that increases blood flow and oxygen to the scalp. The increased blood flow delivers nutrients to the hair root and stimulates the hair follicles. People who have hair loss in specific areas of the head and are in the early stages of hair loss are particularly good candidates for laser treatment.

Carol loves how thick her hair is, and loves that others can see the difference. Her family and friends compliment her on how good her hair looks. “You get up, and you feel better each day,” Carol says. She no longer has to worry that people can see how thin her hair is, or comment that she looks like she is going bald. She’s experienced a huge confidence boost.

Eldorado offers individualized solutions for women experiencing thin or thinning hair. Carol’s solution as for laser therapy, but other women prefer wigs, extensions, or hair systems to transform their thinning hair. We find the solution that’s right for you. Contact us for your free consultation today.