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Finding the Right Fit (For Hair Systems, Wigs, & Hair Pieces)

Non-surgical hair additions are made to augment (supplement) an individual’s hair if they want more density due to thinning, length challenges, or alopecia of some kind.

Sometimes they don’t fit and are too large. Why?

A proper plaster mold or tape template must be taken tightly off the individuals head. It is then sent to the factory where a foam block is made so that there is a hard foam form for base manufacture in terms of size, shape and contour. Occasionally the base of the wig or hair system isn’t made snug to the foam block and the system is “sloppy” and loose.  An experienced technician can size the unit and take tucks in so that the system fits more snugly. Sometimes the system when it is well worn will stretch out and also needs those same tucks.  An analogy would be how socks age after 100 washes! They droop at your ankles as the elastic is worn out and the material is all stretched out.

If the system or wig is too loose when new, sometimes it needs to be remade. Of course I am assuming that the mold was made properly and didn’t stretch out itself.  If the technician is using an old mold, it can deform over time due to exposure to heat and cold. That is why it is necessary to take a new mold from time to time so that the fit is exact when a new order at the factory goes into the foam making stage.

There are other explanations why a system or wig doesn’t fit but the above examples are the primary reasons. Questions? Fill out our quick contact form or call (410) 931-3399. We can help you choose the best hair system or other hair replacement method for your needs. Stop by our Baltimore hair restoration center today.