Because Life Isn’t Always Black & White…Embrace Grey

Aging is a normal, natural part of life. Everyone experiences aging, and it can affect both men’s and women’s hair in different ways. Some people experience hair loss as they get older. Others begin to go grey, or their hair become brittle and thin. Still others do not experience most or any of these symptoms. Factors like genetics and medical conditions can have an impact on this, but in general, it is impossible to prevent the signs of aging. Accordingly, embracing grey hair might be the right choice for you, especially if you don’t want to put a lot of time and money into dying your hair regularly. This is even more true for those who have invested in hair systems and/or wigs.

Grey Hair and Hair Replacements

Grey hair in hair systems and wigs can be tricky. There is a “white” grey and a “silver” grey.  If one needs a white grey, it is best to have a little synthetic (sometimes all synthetic) to keep the brightness in the color.  An all human hair unit will tend to get ashy due to oxidation.  It is recommended to use a bluing shampoo (it looks purple in color though!) to help retain the crispness to the white.

Too much bluing, however, can stain the hair a blue tone. It is best to dilute the shampoo at first to avoid any staining. As always though, best practices would be to consult with your hair correction professional before making your decision.

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