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Hair Transplants: FAQs

Hair transplants are safe hair replacement procedures conducted by trained medical professionals. Hair transplants have been in use since the 1950s and have only become more effective over time. Countless people have experienced improved confidence and satisfaction with their appearance through this quick, easy procedure. Read on for some common hair transplant frequently asked questions and Eldorado’s answers.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a procedure during which a surgeon moves hair to another part of the head. Grafts, or small pieces of skin, are taken from parts of the body with healthy hair, or from donor sites. These sites are often at the back of the scalp. Once the transplanted skin heals, the hair should continue to grow in its new location.

What Conditions Can a Hair Transplant Treat?

There are many reasons people lose their hair. Hair loss is a normal part of aging and can result from a wide range of medical conditions. In fact, hair loss affects an estimated 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States. Some common conditions that cause hair loss and can be treated with hair transplantation include:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Thyroid disease
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Traumatic injury
  • Male or female pattern baldness

Is the Procedure Painful?

Hair transplants are conducted with the use of local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. Post-operative pain medications are also prescribed to manage any soreness and discomfort on the scalp. In most cases, recovery is very manageable and does not cause a significant amount of pain.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

During your hair transplant, your hair restoration surgeon will ensure you are comfortable with the use of anesthesia and/or IV sedation. Your transplant may take about three to four hours. If you need more than one session, your doctor will make an appointment plan for you to achieve quality results as quickly and safely as possible.

How Long is the Recovery Process?

Overall, recovery time varies and relies on a number of factors. Most patients can return to work 24 to 48 hours after their procedure. You can wash your hair the next day, but should be gentle on the grafted areas. It may take between six and 12 months for you to fully heal. After five to seven days, you should be able to resume your regular activities, such as swimming. You can treat your transplanted hair like the rest of your hair and wash, cut, dye, and style it as your normally would. Consult with your doctor to develop a specific recovery plan.

What Should Be Expected During Recovery?

Hair transplants have a different effect on everyone. In most cases, you will need to use a medication to minimize swelling and manage any pain. You may experience some scabbing and itching for a couple of weeks. There may also be some numbness at the donor and/or recipient sites. It is important to schedule follow-ups with your hair transplant specialist every four to six months to assess progress and results. If you are in a significant amount of pain or notice any other unusual side effects, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Will I Need Multiple Procedures?

Multiple hair transplant procedures are not necessary. For some people, a single transplant will be sufficient to ensure your hair looks full for a lifetime. However, it is not uncommon for some patients to need a second procedure. This might be the case if hair loss is more significant and requires more transplantation to create full, natural-looking coverage.

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

The results of a professionally conducted hair transplant surgery should be permanent and visibly lasting. That’s why working with an experienced hair restoration specialist is crucial. The genetic cause of hair loss resides in the hair follicle rather than the scalp. Therefore, when healthy follicles are implanted into the scalp, they will grow like the rest of your hair. Your natural color and texture will not change.

Who Can Get a Hair Transplant?

Most people who are eligible for surgical procedures can have a hair transplant. As long as you have enough healthy hair on your scalp to cover the thinning areas, you may be a candidate. Your scalp must be able to grow healthy hair. Both men and women are eligible. You will need to consult with your local hair transplant professional to discuss your specific circumstances. In some cases, people suffering from kidney or liver failure, heart disease, and other chronic health issues may not be able to undergo a hair replacement procedure.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of a hair transplant can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of procedure you choose, the extent of your hair loss, the location of the clinic, and the experience of the surgeon. In general, the cost of a hair transplant can range from $4,000 to $15,000. It’s important to remember that a hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure and is typically not covered by insurance.

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