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The Importance of Image and the Role Your Hair Plays

Image is the first thing we see in other people: how tall they are, how they dress. We look at their stance, how they walk, their speech patterns, or even if they what their tattoos depict. The same thing goes for your hair.

  Image of a smiling man on Eldorado's website One of the first things we notice is their hair. Is it blonde? Is it well groomed? Are they bald? How bald? It is a primary way we describe someone to other people.  Hair is obvious. It is a key characteristic in describing someone. Studies have shown (in the past) that men with hair are viewed sexier than men without. That doesn’t mean that bald men aren’t sexy. But if you ask any bald man if he would like to have his hair back, at no charge, chances are good he will say yes.

Women love their hairstyle and colors. They color it to cover the grey. They put extensions in it so it looks longer and thicker. They may get perms, relaxers or highlights just to change the physical appearance of it. They grow it long, cut it short, or may make a change because they just feel like it.  Hair is often (not always) one of a woman’s key identifying elements.

We often choose our mate by physical attraction. We are all attracted to someone who is well dressed, nice features, smells good, nice physique, or some other physical asset. This is before they even speak!  But the hair is, simply put, the icing on the cake.

If you don’t like your hairstyle, do something about it.  How we see ourselves is often a reflection of our self-confidence and a projection of how we feel inside. So in an image conscious society, think about all the physical details that define you.  Are your shoes shined?  Are your teeth white?  Do you wear clean clothes?  Does your outfit clash?  As your mother used to say, “Is your hair combed?”  Image matters!

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