baltimore hair loss treatment


Don’t underestimate the value of hair. It helps defines how we want to be viewed in the world.

Hair is confidence. Hair is youth. Hair is style. Hair is personality. Hair is you.

Don’t let hair loss control your lifestyle. If you’re looking to restore your youthful appearance and outlook, Eldorado Hair has several hair replacement solutions. Image matters in today’s competitive environment. We offer more than 48 years of experience in hair restoration and more than 100,000 satisfied clients. Based in the Baltimore/Washington DC area, people visit our hair replacement center from across the US. We work directly with your personal hair restoration needs, from the initial consultation to the final solution. Whether you’re in need of hair replacement surgery, hair extensions, laser hair rejuvenation, hair replacement or a realistic wig, Eldorado Hair is here to help you gain a healthy, thick head of hair. Our hair restoration services include:

Hair Extensions – Customize the length, volume, and style of your hair without waiting for it to grow! No damage is done to your existing hair and our quality Ultratress hair extensions blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

Hair Systems – Real hair on porous membranes blend perfectly with your natural hair to create a full and healthy appearance. Our hair systems offer a seamless transition, and are the perfect non-surgical solution for people frustrated by encroaching baldness.

Hair Transplants – Skilled plastic surgeons take hair from one area of your head and place it in the thinning area. We have several surgical procedures available depending on your needs. These procedures results in a healthy, natural full head of hair that won’t go away over time.

Laser Rejuvenation – With laser hair treatment from Eldorado, you can nourish and revitalize hair follicles to help mitigate hair loss. Coupled with minoxidil and nutraceutical herbs, we take a three prong approach to affect hair growth! This FDA approved treatment is great for people in the early stages of baldness or for people who don’t want a surgical procedure.

Wigs– Eldorado Hair Replacement Center only uses the highest quality wigs available designed around your specific hair care needs. Our wigs for hair loss are light, undetectable, and made from real human hair or realistic synthetic hair. We offer machine made, handmade, and custom made cranial prosthesis to recreate the hair style you must have!

Whatever your needs for hair restoration or replacement, our Baltimore/Washington based center can help you overcome your doubts and begin a more confident, active lifestyle.

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