Hair Replacement and Restoration Services
in the Washington, D.C. Area

How it works

At Eldorado, our hair replacement and restoration professionals offer a range of services intended to help you achieve your hair goals and get your confidence back. We bring over 50 years of experience to serve the Washington, D.C. community with the highest-quality hair attachment and replacement services.

We offer the following Washington, D.C. hair restoration and hair replacement services:

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what to expect

Our medically trained professionals perform safe, high-quality hair transplants and replacements, as well as non-invasive procedures. We work with each individual client to plan a process that prioritizes comfort, desired results, and a manageable recovery process. After your procedure, you may experience some tenderness in the area where the hair follicles have been harvested or relocated. With proper care, your recovery process will be quick and easy, and the result will be beautiful hair that improves your confidence all around. 

working with eldorado

If you are interested in a hair attachment or hair restoration in Washington, D.C., contact Eldorado today. We work with each individual client towards achieving hair goals and improving self-image with beautiful, safe, healthy hair restorations in Washington, D.C.

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