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How to Choose Your Bridal Hairstylist

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. For many brides, a big part of that is having a perfect hairstyle to go along with their wedding dress. Hairstyling is a powerful tool that can make anyone feel happier, more confident, and comfortable. It is so important for every bride to feel her best on her wedding day and working with an experienced bridal hairstylist is crucial for achieving your perfect style.

Read on for our tips on choosing a bridal hairstylist.

Check Out Reviews

The best way to start looking for your bridal hairstylist is by checking out reviews. Research is important, and reading honest, transparent reviews from other people who have worked with a salon or stylist can help you make your decision. If there are a lot of negative reviews or reviews that specifically mention things you are trying to avoid, keep looking. Check out as many stylists as you can and compare so you can find someone with good reviews and previous examples of beautiful, well-executed wedding hairstyles.

Browse Social Media

When it comes to wedding planning, social media is your friend. You can use it to connect with other brides, ask questions, look at pictures of wedding hairstyles for inspiration, and much more. Before researching stylists, you’ll want to have an idea of the look you are hoping to achieve. Check out Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to look for ideas and get at least a general idea.

Once you have your idea, check out the social media pages of the stylists you are considering. If they have some previous portfolio images of styles similar to the one you want, they are more likely to be a good fit for you. Bringing some visual examples to a hairstylist can help them work with you to create the perfect bridal hairstyle.

Use Wedding Planning Websites and Apps

There are lots of websites and apps that you can browse to find all of your vendors, including a bridal hairstylist. Sites like The Knot and Zola allow past users to share their experiences with wedding-related services and companies. You can even save the contact information of a few different stylists and compare based on pricing, gallery images, location, and more. Do some research and make use of the digital wedding planning tools that are available to you.

Ask Around

Asking other brides is a great way to find out which bridal hairstylist to use in your area. There are countless Facebook groups, for example, dedicated to sharing bridal tips, both on a national and local level. Check out some of these groups in your area or state, and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. If you know other brides who have gotten married in the last few years, reach out and ask about their bridal hairstyling experience. This could also be a good way to find out about pricing if you are trying to stay within a specific budget.

Schedule a Trial

Once you have done your research, it’s time to schedule a hair trial. You may even want to schedule trials with more than one potential bridal hairstylist so that you can compare their work. A wedding hair stylist will be happy to look at examples of the styles you are considering and communicate honestly as to whether they can achieve something similar. It may be the case that your hair won’t be able to hold the style you’re hoping for due to texture or length, and a reputable stylist will communicate this to you transparently.

Be sure to communicate openly with them so that they understand your ideas and goals, and listen to their advice and recommendations. Ultimately, your bridal hairstyle is up to you, and it should make you feel as beautiful and confident as possible. If you are dissatisfied with the results, you can let your stylist know what you aren’t happy with and try another look. Be as specific as possible; every detail counts!

Trust Your Instincts

A major part of choosing a bridal hairstylist is feeling comfortable with the person. They will be a part of your wedding day after all, and you don’t want anyone around that doesn’t make you feel heard and respected. If you are not connecting with a hairstylist you are considering on a personal level, it might not be a good match. You are entrusting a significant element of your day to this person, so if it doesn’t feel right, keep looking.

Consider Hair Restoration or Hair Replacement

Many brides hope to have long, sweeping, voluminous, and/or intricate wedding day hairstyles but simply do not have the natural length or texture. Fortunately, there are lots of options available to help with this. Hair extensions are a popular choice. They can be blended to match your color and texture and add the perfect amount of length to achieve any bridal hairstyle.  Work with a hair restoration company to determine your specific needs and achieve the perfect length and volume that your bridal hairstylist can then work with to deliver your desired look more effectively.

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