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From a Stunning Summer to a Fabulous Fall: Women’s Hairstyles Worth Watching in 2019

Summer vacation time has come and gone — but as one door closes, another opens. The transition from summer to fall represents a golden opportunity to reinvent your look for the new season, one brilliant hairstyle at a time. Take a look at these classic (but exciting) trends in women’s hairstyles for Fall 2019.

Bobs and Lobs

The simple bob hairstyle always creates a classic, classy effect in a style that’s easy to manage. The most severe look, the blunt bob, is also one of the sleekest, lending itself to a variety of sophisticated Fall wardrobe choices. If you like it a little longer, you can opt for a blunt shoulder-length lob with the same smooth, straight edge across the bottom.

Waves, Curls and Shags

Do you naturally respond to a softer look than you might get from a bob or lob? Tight curls, classic finger waves, and looser cuts such as shag hairstyles all look to be popular options in Fall 2019. A layered shag cut of any length, with or without bangs, can give you a relaxed, lived-in, retro look.

Casual or “Messy” Styles

Are you ready to adopt a free, spontaneous, casual look for this Fall? A messy bun combines control and simplicity with just enough wispiness to add a soft, gentle note. You can also shake our large, loose waves to achieve a fun, vibrant “bed-head” look. Even a simple twist or top knot can add a hint of intentional disorganization to a classic style.

Flattering Fall Hair Accessories

Accessories play just as critical a factor in accentuating women’s hairstyles in the Fall as they do any other time of year. Fall 2019 trends in accessories are likely to include:

A resurgence of classic 1980s-style claw clips

Headbands in warm Fall tones that complement your skin, hair, and wardrobe coloring

Stylish, fancy barrettes that draw attention to your hair and make a bold fashion statement

Take some of these stylistic options into consideration as you’re creating your unique look for Fall 2019. The season promises a world of fashionable women’s hairstyles for every woman — so leave summer behind and “fall” into a glamorous new season!

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