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8 Summer Hair Trends

Summer is a great time to try out a new hairstyle, cut, or even color. Since summer is all about taking a break from your normal routine and having some fun, why not change up your hair? Read on for eight summer hair trends expected to make waves in 2022.

1. Honey-Gold “Bronde”

If experimenting with fun colors is your thing, summer of 2022 is your season. There’s a trendy new shade right now that isn’t too much of a statement but could still warm up your look and add dimension. Bringing together blonde and brunette tones, a “bronde” adds some vibrancy, shimmer, and highlight without the full commitment of bleach blonde hair.

In the words of Jenna Perry, colorist to stars like Bella Hadid and Maude Apatow, “The sun is out longer in the warmer months, which means that it reflects brighter on your hair and skin. With everyone’s skin tone appearing more sun-kissed, it’s an excellent time to enhance your hair.”

2. The ‘90s Blowout

Since ‘90s and early-2000s fashion is all-the-rage right now, it’s no surprise that the blowout is expected to make a major reappearance. Anyone already rocking a lengthy cut with layers can easily achieve this look with the help of a round brush and a set of hot rollers. Make sure to invest in some quality hairspray if you try out this look, and don’t forget to add the iconic ‘90s ringlets.

3. Wispy Bangs

While the resurgence of all kinds of bangs has been in full swing for a while now, this summer, expect to see some lighter, wispy bangs. This is a great look to experiment with during the hot weather season as they won’t add a lot of weight to the hair on your forehead and make you too hot and sweaty. Another ‘90s-inspired look, wispy fringe that grazes the eyebrows is already becoming a popular summer hair trend for 2022.

4. Peach and Pastel

If you are looking to rock the boat a bit more with your color, consider going pastel or peach. Warm-toned neons are expected to be popular this summer for the subtle yet eye-catching warmth they bring out in skin. “I’m seeing light blondes be more playful by adding peach and pink tones,” says Perry.

5. Bubble Ponytails

During the hot weather season, most people with long hair like to get it off their neck and away from their face anyway. A ponytail is the best way to do that, but often not the most fun or interesting. However, the bubble ponytail (yet another ‘90s style!) is a fun, ultra-popular way to brighten up your look with fun accessories or simple hair ties. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Serena Williams have recently rocked this look, so give it a try this summer!

6. Golden Blonde

Recently, we’ve been seeing lots of celebrities who had been wearing cooler, icier shades of blonde return to golden, beachy, sun-kissed shades. This summer might be the perfect time to try out a warmer golden shade if you’ve been thinking about brightening up your color for a while. Talk to your stylist before making the commitment, though, as most shades of blonde can require time and financial commitments to keep them looking fresh and vibrant.

7. Color Block

Color-blocking with bright shades is a growing trend that is expected to grow even more this summer. A bright strip or chunk is often styled professionally into some long beach waves, some shorter curls, a blocky bob – you name it! According to Cyd Charisse, hair colorist for Hairstory, “Color-blocking is a loud, obnoxious trend in the best way possible. The inspiration comes from fashion and makeup and it works brilliantly when translated to hair.” 

If you’re looking to experiment with your look this summer, color blocking is a fun way to test a new color without making too much of a commitment.

8. The Curly Bob

If you are looking for a fresh cut to help stay cool this summer and have natural or curly hair, the curly bob could be the perfect look for you. Curly hair that holds more volume will appear like an angular statement cut that brightens up any look and is easy to style for any summer occasion. Be sure to work with your hairstylist before deciding on the perfect cut for your hair length and texture.

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