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What Type of Hair Extensions Is Right for You?

Hair extensions are a non-invasive way to add length, fullness, and volume to your hair. Since they are not permanent, they allow for flexibility should you want to change up your look or color. However, all extensions are not created equal. Additionally, certain types of extensions are more suitable for certain hair types and textures. Read on for more on choosing the best extensions for your individual needs.

Reasons to Invest in Hair Extensions

Improved Confidence and Appearance

A 2017 survey of 1,000 women found that 68% were unhappy with their hair and that 80% between the ages of 30 and 60 said their hair can influence their personal outlook. Everyone wants to be happy with their hair. Beautiful, full hair can improve anyone’s confidence and overall satisfaction with the way they look. Those who have experienced hair loss or are unhappy with their hair can benefit tremendously from adding extensions. Extensions can give anyone the power to choose their desired look and achieve their hair goals, leading to improved confidence.

Added Volume and Length

Many people want longer, fuller hair, but have trouble achieving it naturally. Genetics, health conditions, hair condition, and other factors can make it difficult or even impossible for some people to grow out their hair to their desired length. Many people end up spending a ton of money on products that offer no guarantee of results. Extensions provide assurance of desired length and volume.

Ease of Maintenance and Application

Extensions are non-invasive, meaning there is no medical procedure require to apply them. Many people are uncomfortable with or ineligible for hair replacement procedures that require invasive methods. Working with a hair extension service to select and apply the proper extensions for your hair is a great way to accomplish your hair goals and finally have the hair you’ve always wanted. Beyond this, they are easy to maintain and keep clean under the guidance of a hair professional.

Types of Extensions


For some people, adhesive extensions are the best choice. These extensions adhere to the hair’s root via medical-grade tape. This creates an instant, nearly unbreakable bond that sets the hair in place. They are easy to apply and to remove, do little damage to natural hair, and look natural in that they lie almost flush against the head, whereas other bases often protrude a bit. Adhesives are often a good choice for people with damaged hair, since they cause minimal additional damage. They can be applied in as little as 30 minutes to 1 hour. Adhesives can also be removed easily with minimal damage to natural hair. They can be reused and strategically placed to emphasize a clean, natural look for any hair length or type.


Some extension are braided or woven into the hair. This method involves separating the hair into small sections and securing them tightly. The extensions are then looped around the natural hair strand. A hair technician will ensure the extension is looped evenly around the strand so that the ends meet. There are various methods of braiding extensions, and some are more suitable than others based on hair type. Some extensions can be sewn into braided or beaded hair in horizontal rows.

Considerations for Choosing Hair Extensions

Hair Length

If you have experienced hair loss or simply have trouble growing your hair to a long length, extensions are a great solution. Regardless of length, extensions are available to help you achieve the look you desire. As long as your hair is 6-7 inches long, or about shoulder length, certain types of extensions can be applied. This minimum length is recommended in order for the extensions to attach well and ensure that clips and seams do not show through. Extensions should be chosen to accomplish your goal length while simultaneously looking natural and well-incorporated.

Natural Texture

The natural texture of your hair should be taken into consideration when choosing extensions. In order for them to blend naturally, they should be matched with the organic consistency of your hair. Thin, fine hair, for example, can be volumized via well-blended and applied extensions. An extension professional will be able to help you match your new extensions to your hair to ensure a beautiful, natural look.

Maintenance and Lifestyle

Some extensions require a bit more maintenance than others based on whether they are made of human hair or synthetic and application method. Some people are more able to devote time to maintaining their extensions than others. Fortunately, there are many different types of extensions available to accommodate a range of lifestyle needs.

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