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Don’t go outside with wet hair — you’ll catch a cold

It’s a familiar refrain: “Don’t go outside with wet hair — you’ll catch a cold.”
As children, many of us were told over and over again by our parents, grandparents, and teachers that after going swimming or washing our hair, we shouldn’t go out in the cold before drying our hair properly, lest we get ill.

There’s little research suggesting there’s any truth in the old wives’ tale, with most studies on the matter delivering inconclusive results, or not looking at the link between wet hair and illness directly.

Still, true or not, there’s one reason entirely unrelated to health for why you shouldn’t go out into the cold with wet locks: your hair will suffer.

On wintry days, there’s greater risk of damage to the hair when you go outside before drying it. This is because the strands of your hair are more vulnerable when wet, and in the cold weather, water molecules in the hair can expand, which can make the hair more likely to break.

Protecting your hair from the cold weather
During the colder months of the year, try and avoid washing your hair when you don’t have time to dry it.
But if you do, before you step out of the door, make sure hair is properly dried to prevent any additional damage. To schedule a free hair analysis call us at (410) 931-3399 or contact us via
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