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For Breast Cancer Patients, Wigs Conceal the Worry of Hair Loss

October is recognized in the United States as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is a time to honor those who are battling this disease and those who have been affected by breast cancer. A cancer diagnosis can be a stressful, uncertain experience. There are many resources available [1] about breast cancer detection, diagnosis, types, and treatment for patients and loved ones to reference in order to educate themselves.

Cancer patients will almost certainly experience hair loss [2] as a side effect of chemotherapy treatment. Fortunately, many organizations are dedicated to supporting patients seeking options for head coverings.

Wigs are an option

Enduring cancer is a scary time and losing your hair only compounds the stress of the experience. Though your hair will regrow following treatment, many patients choose to wear a wig while they undergo chemotherapy. Wigs are made of either human or synthetic hair and come in many styles [3].

Some health insurance companies will cover at least part of the cost of a wig and if your insurance does not cover it, specialized shops will work with you to select a stylish wig within your budget. It is also possible to find a donated wig through a local organization or church.

Empower yourself

Wearing a wig not only conceals hair loss, it gives women a sense of empowerment during an uncertain time. You might choose to wear a wig to feel a sense of normalcy, look your best, or feel more like yourself. A wig, whether it is made of human or synthetic hair, can help restore your appearance to how you looked prior to your treatment. Today’s wigs are made well with high-quality material and many people will not be able to tell you are wearing one.

Maintain your privacy

Once breast cancer patients begin to lose their hair, it becomes more apparent to the world that they are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. People might feel the need to ask questions about your appearance or your medical treatments. Wearing a wig allows you to maintain a consistent look and could help keep questions about your diagnosis at bay.

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