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How Hair Loss Can Lower Self-Esteem

No matter how wealthy, good looking, or even intelligent you may be, losing your hair can severely impact your self-esteem. While it may seem irrelevant and superficial to be negatively affected by something so frivolous as hair, it is actually quite natural to be stricken with feelings of lower self-worth when you are experiencing such a thing. Here’s why.

Social/ Cultural Implications

Although there are plenty of reasons why someone may lose their hair, in general, when one starts to lose their hair (and especially those who do so at a younger age), people tend to see this as an implication that the person is unhealthy. Therefore, when the person runs into friends and family when out and about, they may be looked at with pity it not avoided altogether. This can have a very negative effect on one’s self-esteem because they may start to feel like an outcast or like they are losing the social status they once had.

Women in Distress

On another note, noticeable hair loss is especially problematic for women. In a world in which women are pressured into staying youthful and looking younger for as long as possible, hair loss is often one of the worst things for a woman to have to endure on a social level. While men are often embraced (or even viewed as sex symbols) for having bald heads, women are usually berated and shamed for not having long hair, no matter what age they are. This leaves many women feeling undesirable due to the lack of hair.


As mentioned, losing your hair can often be a side effect of the aging process. Therefore, this often causes us to ponder on our own mortality. Although, at times, it may seem like we are going to live forever, normal happening such as aging and losing hair can be a terrible blow to one’s self-esteem. If nothing else, many people are alarmed when they suffer from hair loss because it reminds them of how little control we have over our lives and that one day it will be over.

Overall, losing your hair can be a traumatic issue at any age. Fortunately, there are many products and procedures designed to help you keep or restore lost hair as well as maintain it in the long term.

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