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Male Celebrity Hair Loss

While many of us like to believe that celebrities are natural anomalies, they are very much subjected to the many biological issues that plague us all. In particular, hair loss is one of the most common issues that affect aging men. The celebrity realm is no different. There have been many male celebrities that have fallen victim to men’s hair loss. That said, the following is a closer look at celebrities who have dealt with this issue.

Jude Law

Despite being a superhero of sorts, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that his hair follicles were privy to that superhuman strength. A man who has suffered from a receding hairline as well as thinning, Jude had to go great lengths to find a remedy to his hair loss issues.

John Travolta

Although many of us remember him as the luxuriously (yet greasy) haired Danny from “Grease,” it had been a long time since Travolta had a full head of hair. After suffering from and struggling to hide shedding and a receding hairline for years, Travolta has finally embraced his hair issues and gone full-on bald.

Charlie Sheen

On another note, Hollywood’s bad boy also had quite a few bad hair days. While it may appear that Charlie Sheen has a thick, lustrous head of hair, there are numerous photos that suggest quite the contrary. In many photos, Sheen has been photographed with a much less than a full head of hair. This has led to speculations that he wears a modern toupee and toupee adhesives and uses other Hollywood magic to fill in his balding areas.

Brendan Fraser

Lastly, “The Mummy” actor Brendan Fraser has had some issues keeping his hair battles under wraps. No matter if it’s his age, genetics, or even illness, Brendan Fraser’s balding has been chronicled by the press for years.

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