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Choosing Hair Color and Style

Whether you are a man or a woman, when wearing a hair system it is important to choose an easy, flattering and low maintenance hair style. Do you spend little time styling your hair? Are you a very busy person with no time to waste? Obviously you need a “wash n’ go hair style. Are you a man of leisure? A gentleman farmer with time to kill? Than you can pick a hairstyle that will take a bit of time to get perfect, and hopefully have the wallet to maintain it!

Seriously, when choosing a style, be real with yourself. If you are conservative, it may not be consistent to pick that aging rock star look. If you are a model, maybe longer hair with some “electric” highlights are in order. Most importantly think about who you are, how much time you spend grooming your hair and what visual presentation you want to make to your colleagues, customers and friends.

The same goes for hair color and wave pattern. If you are a mortician, it is unlikely you are going to get fire engine red hair. If you are 60 years old, that Elvis pompadour may not be appropriate or believable. Finger waves went out in the sixties. You don’t see many Jeri curls in public. If you are greying, please don’t use too dark a hair color on your hair! Look at your skin tone and if you are very fair in skin tone, blonde may not be the right answer.

The whole key is to have hair color & style that complements your features. Accentuate your eyes, jawline, lips or nose. Hair shapes the face, like the frame of a fine painting!