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Hair System: A Modern, Viable Hair Loss Solution

The hair system was born out of the necessity to replace the often messy, traditional wig. This hair loss solution has now become extremely popular, thanks to its affordability and versatility.

Hair System

A good hair system is a hair piece made of human or synthetic hair, hand-woven onto a base material and adhered to the head by skin-friendly methods. It is attached to your head in a series of steps: preparing the scalp, fitting the hair piece, and styling and maintaining it.

You can choose stock hair systems or custom-made hair setups. Stock hair systems are mass produced based on the most common user requirements. Custom hair systems are made according to your preferred base material, hair color, style, etc.

The bases of hair systems are made of either meshes, polymers, or a combination of both. Hair technicians or stylists attach them to your scalp using adhesives or tape, or by clipping them to existing hair.

Hair Systems, Toupees and Wigs: Differences

Hair systems are similar to wigs or toupees in that all of them are non-surgical hair loss solutions. However, they differ in terms of scalp coverage, looks, price, and longevity.

Although wigs and toupees may be less expensive than hair systems, they have an unrealistic, unnatural look. Hair systems look more natural.

You would need to remove wigs and toupees before certain activities, such as sleeping and bathing, so that they don’t sustain any damage. You can leave hair systems on while sleeping, showering, exercising, etc. If you need to adjust, remove or replace them, you should seek the help of hair technicians or stylists.

Advantages of Hair Systems

Hair systems can provide you with hair in your preferred color, texture, and style and with thickness commensurate with your age. They are undetectable, breathable, and weigh next to nothing.

While wigs are meant to cover the entire scalp and toupees hide partial hair loss or thinning, hair systems can be used for both. Hair systems can also be used in both permanent and temporary hair loss situations.

Just like other non-surgical solutions, hair systems also may need regular maintenance or replacement. However, they are a better option for those with unpatterned hair loss.

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Hair systems are completely different and much more effective than other non-surgical hair loss solutions. Regardless of whether you have hair thinning or total hair loss, you can benefit immensely from them. At Eldorado Hair, we have the revolutionary, non-surgical, totally undetectable solution you’ve been looking for. To schedule a free hair analysis call us at (410) 931-3399 or to contact us via email click here.