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Why Wig Size and Fit Make a Difference

Human hair wigs can be the perfect solution for men and women suffering from medical disorders and treatments. A number of conditions cause temporary and permanent hair loss. Women undergoing chemotherapy, thyroid treatment, or experiencing alopecia often want to continue as normal a life as possible. Looking good is part of that, and many women want to avoid letting people know about their hair loss.

Most clients look for a wig that matches their hair as closely as possible. This means that clients are usually most concerned with the style, texture, and color. However, wig size and fit are just as important. A poor quality wig looks bad, and an ill-fitting wig also looks bad.

At Eldorado, we only offer high quality human hair and synthetic wigs. Each wig is expertly matched and fit to our client’s needs. We also ensure that the fit of the wig makes it look natural and feel comfortable. Our medical grade wigs are comfortable, lightweight, and undetectable.

Here are three reasons a high quality wig that’s the perfect fit makes a difference.

Each Wig Size is Different

This statement seems obvious, but we all have different size heads. Just like hat stores sell different size hats for the best fit, wigs are sized for the best fit, too. If the wig base is too large, the wig may make your hair look too large and unnatural. Our experts will help you measure your head to find out the right wig size.

A Perfect Wig Fit is Comfortable

Women who wear a wig during medical hair loss may want to wear the wig for a majority of the day. All-day wear requires a comfortable wig that sits snugly but not too tight. While many women may think that a wig is scratchy, hot, or uncomfortable, we offer wigs designed specifically for chemotherapy patients and medical hair loss clients. We understand the importance of a wig that looks natural, and feels incredibly comfortable.

High Quality Wigs Look Natural

The material in our high quality wigs makes them undetectable. The human hair in our wigs is the best quality and hand-tied to the wig base. This produces a natural look that is easy to style.

At Eldorado, we work with each client individually to fit the best hair solution for you. When you come in for a consultation, we listen to your needs and expectations. We custom design our wigs to match exactly what you need to look and feel good.

Our in-house stylists also style your hair in exactly the way you want. Unlike a wig store, our experts are trained to help clients suffering from medical hair loss. We fit your custom wig and ensure you look great.

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