Jeff Defied Genetics and Got a Hair System

Jeff wasn’t surprised when he started losing his hair. Family members also suffered from male pattern baldness. His hair loss made him self conscious and got in the way of his life. As a young man in his twenty’s, he decided to do something about his thinning hair. Now, he only wishes he done something sooner.

Jeff started losing his hair when he was 16 or 17. Although hard to deal with, this isn’t uncommon for men. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 25% of men will start balding before they turn 21. Jeff also knew that his hair loss was inevitable.

Like most men suffering from hair loss, he has androgenetic alopecia, more often referred to as male pattern baldness (MPB). Men (and women) lose their primarily on the crown of the head, leaving a recognizable horseshoe pattern.

While family members told him it didn’t look that bad and that he shouldn’t be worried, Jeff felt differently. When he was performing with his band, he felt bad about his hair. He would put on a hat and ignore everyone, missing out on fun and the success of his music.

“I just had to do something about it,” he says. After a consultation with a hair loss expert, Jeff decided to get a hair system. This choice blends seamlessly with Jeff’s existing hair. Our custom hair systems match the style, color, and texture of your hair.

The clear polymer base allows your skin to breathe, while being flexible and comfortable. A hair system provides an excellent solution for men and women suffering from pattern baldness or baldness if specific areas of the scalp.

Jeff loves that he took action to find a solution for his hair loss. He feels more confident than ever. Now, when he plays with his band, he’s happy to get in front of his fans. “Now I’m willing to go into the crowd and interact with people,” he says.

At Eldorado, we help all our clients find the hair loss solution that works for them. Come in for a free consultation today and get back to the life you want to be living.

Why Diet Plays a Role in Hair Loss

Diets For Healthy Hair Growth

When clients from the Baltimore area come to Eldorado, they have already made the decision to do something about their hair loss. And there are many reasons why people lose their hair. Sometimes hair loss is genetic, other times it can be caused by stress or a medical condition. But hair loss can also be tied to your diet.

If you lack certain foods, or more importantly, certain vitamins and minerals, your hair can suffer. Here are 3 ways your diet plays a role in healthy hair.

Diet Hair Loss

Eat Enough Protein

Healthy hair follicles mean healthy hair. A hair follicle is the part of the skin that surrounds the root of the hair. Hair follicles are mostly made up of protein, and if you 

don’t get enough protein in your diet, you hair suffers. Your skin will not produce new hair follicles if you don’t get enough protein and even existing healthy hair can suffer damage. People who eat too little protein may notice hair loss in two to three months.

Minerals are Important For Your Hair

Foods rich in iron also help your hair stay healthy. Studies show that low iron is linked to hair loss and may play a role in female pattern baldness. We know that some hair loss treatments, like laser light therapy, work because they increase blood flow to hair follicles.

Iron helps red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body, including to hair follicles. It may be this growth and repair from red blood cells that keeps hair follicles, and your hair, healthy. You can find iron in leafy greens and lentils. Zinc is also important for your hair’s health.

Vitamins Promote Healthy Hair

Just like all parts of the body, our hair needs the right balance of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. We usually think that vitamin C is helpful for keeping away colds, but it can also help our hair. Antioxidants protect hair follicles, and vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties. The body also uses vitamin C to produce collagen, a structural protein that keeps hair strong, thick, and healthy. Fruits like strawberries and citrus are high in vitamin C.

B vitamins include biotin, B6 and B12, all vitamins that studies show can be linked to hair loss. A lack of biotin can lead to hair loss and brittle nails. Other B vitamins help produce red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body. Again, without this process, your hair follicles might not get what they need to stay healthy. B vitamins appear in grains, meats, and leafy vegetables, but proteins that come from animals are the only source of B12.

In general, a balanced diet can keep your hair healthy. There are certain situations, like genetics and medical conditions and treatments, that will cause hair loss regardless of your diet. If you are worried about what might be causing your hair loss, come into Eldorado for your free consultation today. Our experts work with you to find out what is causing your hair loss, and the best solution for you.

Which Adhesive is Right For Your Hair System?

adhesive hair system

A hair system often offers one of the best hair solutions for men and women suffering from hair loss. Hair systems provide a natural look that blends with your existing hair. At Eldorado, we create a custom hair system that matches your hair’s existing texture and color. Another important factor in making a hair system look natural is the adhesive that attaches the system to your scalp. While old “rugs” clipped in and looked bad and blew off easily (cue bad hair system jokes), today’s hair systems are attached with medical-grade adhesives that give you a natural look that’s still comfortable. Learn more about adhesives for hair systems.


Five Questions About Human Hair Solutions, Answered

Human Hair Solutions

Choosing a wig or a hair system can be a big decision. You want something that will look good, work with your lifestyle, and makes you feel good. Usually, the main decision people make is between a synthetic and human hair wig. However, even if you choose a hair system, wig, or extensions made from human hair, there are differences in the quality of the hair. Here are 5 questions about human hair solutions answered.


Carol Loves the Compliments On Her Hair

Like many older women, Carol started experiencing hair loss. At first, she thought that maybe it was a regular part of aging. “My hair was falling out in handfuls,” she says. She knew that some hair loss is a natural. Hair falls out and new hair grows in. But the amount of hair loss she was experiencing seemed extreme. “One day, I was running my hand through my hair, and I decided I’ll count,” she says. When she did, she was faced with the facts. “When I got way over 150, I’m definitely losing my hair.” The reality of becoming bald was very emotional. She decided she needed to do something. She wasn’t comfortable with this amount of hair loss.


The Trendiest Hair Colors of 2019

hair color trends

Coloring your hair can do serious damage to the health of your hair. But when the latest trends start hitting Instagram and Facebook, many women don’t care about what coloring does to their hair. They want to look their best. Based on top style magazines, we’ve pulled out some of the top color trends of 2019. When you come to Eldorado, we work with you to give you the hair you want. We want you to feel confident and proud of your hair. Here’s how you can get a trendy hair color trends with your hair solution.


How to Care for Your Hair Solution

care for your hair solution

When you make the decision to do something about your thin or thinning hair, you’re making a commitment to feel and look better. By coming to Eldorado, you’ve said you want a high-quality solution. Whether you ultimately choose extensions, a wig, a hair system, or a hair transplant, you will have a solution that suits you and your needs. You’ve also made an investment in your self esteem. And when you make an investment, you want to make sure you get a return for as long as possible. Here are care tips to keep your hair solution looking fabulous.


Romer’s New Hair Transformed His Life

Romer was just 18 when he started losing his hair. “It made me feel insecure and without the freedom to do what I like to do,” he says. He didn’t feel like himself. If he wanted to exercise, he felt he had to wear a baseball cap. If he was out with his friends, he felt embarrassed by his hair loss. If he was at the pool, he wasn’t comfortable. But Romer finally decided to find a solution.


Extensions: The Easy Solution for Longer and Thicker Hair

extensions longer hair

We have lots of ways to make your hair longer and thicker. With each client, we take into consideration what it is that you want, and what your hair is like now. For some clients, hair extensions provide the an easy way to get the hair you want. In just a few hours, you’ll have long, thick hair. Here are answers to your questions about hair extensions.


Hair Growth Products That Don’t Work

hair growth products

The hair growth product industry is now estimated at $1.5 billion dollars worldwide. That’s not a big surprise given that 30% of women and 85% of men experience hair thinning and hair loss in their lifetime. While some products like dhtSENSOR have been proven to help you get thicker hair, there are many products on the market that don’t work. Here are 2 hair growth products that you should be cautious of.


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