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We have lots of ways to make your hair longer and thicker. With each client, we take into consideration what it is that you want, and what your hair is like now. For some clients, hair extensions provide the an easy way to get the hair you want. In just a few hours, you’ll have long, thick hair. Here are answers to your questions about hair extensions.

Who should get extensions?

At Eldorado, we use Ultratress Human Hair Extensions. These extensions can be applied to almost any type of hair. A variety of colors and styles allow the extensions to blend in your hair. During a consultation, our experts work with you to determine whether extensions are right for you.

Will it look natural?

Yes! Ultratress’s top-quality extensions use 100% Remy human hair. The beauty industry considers Remy hair to be the best quality hair. First, human hair is light and breathable, leaving you with a natural feel. With Remy hair, all of the hair cuticles remain intact and are in the same direction. This means that the hair is less likely to tangle and mat. This hair blends seamlessly with your own hair, giving you a completely natural look.

How does it work?

Many clients worry that hair extensions won’t look natural because you can see where the hair is attached. We use a state-of-the-art method that looks natural, and doesn’t cause damage to your hair. Some people find clip-in extensions easy to use. But sometimes you can see that clip-in. Not a good look. Other extensions are tied into your hair. This can cause damage and breaking, ultimately doing harm to the hair you have. We use a polymer to meld Ultratress extensions to your existing hair. This allows for a natural look, with flexibility and versatility. Ultratress hair extensions also only take a few hours to apply, meaning you can leave the salon after one appointment with the hair you want.

How do I care for my hair if I have extensions?

Because our extensions are made of human hair, you can style them like you normally would. With Ultratress extensions, curls, waves, and up-dos are all in your future. We also provide guidance on and have available shampoos, conditions, and hair-care products that are specially designed for Ultratress extensions. When you care for your extensions properly, they last anywhere from eight weeks to three months.

How much does it cost?

During your free consultation, our experts work with you to determine what you want your hair to look like. Depending on the length and color, we find hair extensions that work for you. The ultimate cost depends on these factors. If you’re ready for long, luscious hair, contact us for a free consultation today.

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