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A hair system often offers one of the best hair solutions for men and women suffering from hair loss. Hair systems provide a natural look that blends with your existing hair. At Eldorado, we create a custom hair system that matches your hair’s existing texture and color. Another important factor in making a hair system look natural is the adhesive that attaches the system to your scalp. While old “rugs” clipped in and looked bad and blew off easily (cue bad hair system jokes), today’s hair systems are attached with medical-grade adhesives that give you a natural look that’s still comfortable. Learn more about adhesives for hair systems.

How does a hair system stay secure?

A quality hair system that you take care of can last for many months. The base of our hair systems are made of a high-quality polymer. This transparent and breathable material looks and feels good. It is totally undetectable, and allows your skin to breathe at the same time. We secure this hair system to your scalp with a medical-grade adhesive. In the old days, a low-quality toupee was secured with carpet tape — definitely not something safe for skin! Medical-grade adhesives are made to be used on skin, and do not have harsh chemicals that cause damage.

How does an adhesive change how long a hair system stays in place?

There are different types of adhesives that can determine how long you hair system will stay attached. Many people think that soft-bond adhesives are more comfortable. These can be made from latex, acrylic or silicone, and have a water content so they remain flexible. They give a little when you wear them, which means that they don’t last as long. A hard-bond adhesive does not have water and does not break down. A hair system with this adhesive will stay attached until you remove it. At Eldorado, our experts work with you to choose an adhesive that works with you and your hair system, and we expertly attach the system for maximum comfort and minimum notice-ability.

No matter what, you have to take care of your hair system.

Just like your regular hair, you have to take care of your hair system. As you wear it, you have to wash it and keep the hair clean. Know what materials your hair system is made of, and choose only top-quality hair products to wash and style your hair. Scheduled maintenance appointments with your hair solution expert ensures that you are keeping your scalp under the hair system clean, too. Your natural hair around your hair system will also continue to grow. An expert also needs to remove your hair system and cut your existing hair so that your overall hairstyle continues to look natural and well-maintained.

Hair systems are a great solution for men and women experiencing pattern baldness or baldness in certain areas of the scalp. To learn more about this quick solution that looks great, come in for your free consultation today. We’ll help you find the hair solution that fits your needs.

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